After five years of marriage, I had a baby, and along with the joy of having a new family member, I became acutely aware of the many difficulties that come with raising a child for the first time.
Among them, I realized that babies have so many clothes to change…
In the midst of washing clothes many times a day, on rainy days, the laundry does not dry and there are times when we do not have enough clothes.
I don’t mind washing clothes over and over again. But I don’t like it if it doesn’t dry…
With this in mind, we started to develop a new product from the housewife’s point of view to solve the problem of hanging and drying laundry for mothers all over Japan, and the result is Kawakuno, a small indoor dryer.


The feature of Kawakuna is that it solves the stress of "room drying" at once. The unique PTC heater installed in the lower part of the Kawakuna sends warm air into the cylindrical cover at once. We have succeeded in drying clothes hung on the hanger rack inside the Kawakuna to a crisp and pleasant dryness in every corner. Also, since the clothes are not exposed to the outside air during drying, pollen and dust will not stick to the clothes.

  • KawaQuna
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  • KawaQuna

    Achieve low prices

    Available at less than half the price of conventional rotary clothes dryers. (According to our own research)

  • KawaQuna

    Warm air 360° in all directions from below

    Unlike room drying and bathroom dryers, this product uses warm air from underneath to dry every corner of your clothes crisply. You can say goodbye to room-drying on rainy days and in winter, and hello to the half-dry finish of bathroom dryers.

  • KawaQuna

    High-temperature drying for a clean finish

    Increasing the temperature inside the cover to 70° improves the drying effect. The result is a clean finish.
    It is also recommended for finishing drying clothes after they have been hung out to dry.

  • KawaQuna


    Since it dries without spinning, it is less likely to wrinkle and reduces the number of times you need to do time-consuming ironing.

  • KawaQuna

    Consideration for energy conservation

    To dry a 3kg load of laundry

    The electricity bill is about 48 yen for about 2 hours of use.
    A standard rotary clothes dryer costs about 78 yen for 2 hours of use.
    Bathroom dryer: 67 yen for about 2 hours of use

    Kawakuno is an energy efficient dryer.
    Reduces electricity costs by 39% compared to standard rotary clothes dryers.
    Compared to bathroom dryers, it reduces electricity bills by about 60%. (According to our own research)

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