Our Business Overview

We have entered into the agency agreement with domestic and overseas partner corporations to provide the items of the agencies to many customers through large chain stores and the Internet. We are also conducting many market development to Japan and crowd funding projects so that foreign companies can expand into Japan.

Our Passion for Products


We love products.
We love inspirations from products.

Products that have not existed so far.
Products that we have wanted for a long time.

Excitement we get when we get the product. Powerful emotions we get when we use it for the first time.
Joy that we get when products make life convenient and rich.

We have established Sparkycreate based on our such passion for products.

Discovering products that we have never seen before – not only from Japan but also from around the world.
From innovative products to ones that bring a little convenience.

For your smile and rich life.

We will continue to provide the products.

Our Passion for Products


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